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From Books to Eco Warrior

Four years ago a retired librarian discovered a new chapter of her life – and hasn’t looked back!

When Karen spotted an ad for a community gardener at a local early learning centre she soon became the adored green thumb of MercyCare Early Learning Landsdale;

Karen told us that she has found the experience so rewarding, exclaiming, “it’s been fabulous!”.

The worm farm is probably Karen’s most famous role amongst the children. Initially, she didn’t know much about worm farming, which prompted her to study techniques to better nourish the garden, and to extend the children’s knowledge.  

Karen says that the ELC staff, especially Tammy, have been pillars of support. “Tammy really listens,” Karen says; recalling moments when they worked together to find new mulch that better supports the garden, plus collaborating with the local Bunnings

Drawing from her previous career, Karen seamlessly adapted her skills to engage the children. 

Her ability to connect with children is evident, as they are always keen to join her in eco-warrior activities, such as tearing up egg cartons for composting.

Beyond gardening, Karen’s commitment shines through in her readiness to assist with various small tasks around MercyCare. 

Her dedication was recognised last year when she was nominated for an Excellence Award, an honour she fondly recalls as one of many touching gestures from the staff.

Through volunteering, Karen has enriched the lives of many children and found a sense of accomplishment and community. 

As National Volunteer Week celebrates the spirit of volunteerism, Karen’s story stands out as a beacon of how one small step into volunteering can lead to new skills, friendships, and excitement.

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